The Best Source For Cheap Shed Plans

How to build a cheap shed in this economy is a question that I get quite often these days. And cheap shed plans are, of course, the simple answer here. The DIY method can save you both time and money. Even though the nay sayers will tell you that building a shed is not a project for the average gal or guy, with a great set of cheap she plans it can be much simpler than assumed by said group of nay sayers.

Allow me to guide you through this process right here at the start and I believe that you’ll be more than pleased with the results of this search and that you will find the confidence to build that shed you’ve been wishing for. You see once you have the information spread out before you in an easy step by step approach to all aspects of the project the nay sawyer’s voices will disappear for good.

Shall we move forward to finding out exactly what it is that you need or want a storage shed to accomplish in your present life and in future. Is it a workshop that you’re looking for? Simple storage space perhaps, to assist you in the task of de-cluttering the basement, attic, garage, office, pantry, art studio, etc. Maybe you finally feel the need for a garden shed to accommodate all the equipment and tools that you plan to acquire to assist your new found green thumb. Could be that a safe play area for the kids, is on the agenda this year? And maybe the garage is just not the ideal spot any more to have the guys practice for the up coming gig?

Whatever the situation, storage sheds of appropriate size and design can make your life, business, hobby or passion a more enjoyable and smother event. As an artist and carpenter myself I tend to look at design and function as integral factors when creating any structure. Therefore, let me say that choosing a design that will be both pleasing to your eye and suit all of your needs is an important aspect of your shed plans. Location on the site and its direction in relation to other structures, the sun, trees and even paths or driveways can make the design and or function more or less compatible with all.

Though having a design that matches or closely resembles the house is for the most part the norm, one can also choose to use a design that fits in with the motif of the landscape or garden, or your particular taste lets say, and even if it contrasts with the design of the house it can be painted so as not to clash. Having a large number of designs to choose from, from a single source, will that make the process an easier one by far.

Differing construction techniques to select from can also allow you to choose something that matches your budget. Mayhap you don’t need a concrete foundation, if this true your project just got a lot simpler and less expensive. Yet even if that is the case, you may still need a building permit depending on size of the structure and what local government requires in your area. And should you decide to add electricity, plumbing and or a phone you’ll want to know what the code is for these as well. Forethought and exact planning of every detail will have this all go much easier and again this is where a good set of woodworking plans with diagrams makes all the difference in the world.

Basic 2 x 4 construction is probably the easiest to build, with the novice DIYer in mind. And big box stores will have the most inexpensive materials available. Modular construction has come a long ways to simplifying this entire process for the newbie. Truly one need not be an experienced builder in our modern age to handle such an undertaking. That a picture is worth a 1,000 words has never been more accurate than right now in what can be gleaned from the Internet.

Stores like Harbor Freight sell the tools that will make this job a cinch, for little money in relation to what they will save you in time. And the earlier mentioned big box stores coupled with cheap shed plans, how to build a cheap shed is truly within your grasp at this very moment.