Understanding The Behavior Of A Criminal

When it comes to protecting your home there are many different things that you can do to upgrade your safety. Buy a dog, get a home security system, cover your yard with lasers, but these options aren’t’t always possible for some homeowners.

If our primary objective is to make our home less susceptible to home invasion then there are some things that we can do to reduce our chances of having an issue. By putting yourself in a criminal’s shoes and taking a good hard look at the area we live in we can find ways to reduce this risk.

Statistics have shown that most burglars are looking for the safest home for them to break into. So we want to make our homes not only a difficult place to break into, but also difficult for the burglar to escape if he/she did.

So what kind of things can you do to make your home more secure from a break in?

From The Outside

The first thing a burglar is going to look at is the outside of your home. Homes that have easy access points and simple escape routes are definitely going to be targets. The burglar is concerned for their own safety and they want to get out of the home and away from the home as quickly as possible.

You need to ask yourself if your home is an easy place to escape from and get into. If it isn’t then work on fixing the problem.

Door Locks

One of the biggest things you can do is get in the habit of keeping your doors locked. If you think a burglar has a problem checking your doors and windows during the day you are wrong. They don’t have any problems doing it and this makes homes a huge target. A good percentage of break-ins are through unlocked doors and windows.

By keeping your doors and windows secure you have taken a good step in making your home a more difficult target. Now the burglar has to move to forced entry if they want to get in.

Home Alarm System

You don’t necessarily have to buy a professional home security system, however, it really just depends on the outcome you want. A store bought, self installed home security system can be extremely valuable for keeping you alert to what is happening in your home.

A home alarm system is another solid step in protecting your home. It detracts a criminal because it increases their chance of being caught. If you have a self installed home alarm system then it will alert you of a forced entry, which is extremely valuable.

Professional systems will do a good job of keeping your home secure even when you aren’t there. However, just having a sign on your front lawn that says you have home security will help decrease your chances of an intrusion.

Most break-ins do happen when people are at school, work, or on vacation, so be aware that a system that doesn’t alert authorities may be more on the less-useful side if you are trying to protect your home when you aren’t there.

Other Things You Can Do

There are many other things you can do to help secure your home. Upgrading your doors to be much stronger and harder to break into is a huge benefit, as this one of the most common entry points. If your door is easy to kick in, that will make your home a bigger target.

Fences around your home, gardens, anything that makes it harder for the burglar to get from your home to the end of your property helps as well.

Also the obvious things like getting a dog can be extremely helpful in preventing home invasion.

Every home is different. In order to keep your home secure you need to take a look at your own situation and make changes based on what you see. In the end, if you can make a few easy changes it may lower your risk of having a break in, and it may help you feel safer.

This is a huge advantage for you and your family.

Take some time and think about what you can change today to make your home safer tomorrow.