The Importance of Keeping Weapons to Defend Your Home

Many people are reluctant to keep a weapon in their home, even for safety purposes. While weapons are indeed very dangerous and should be treated with the utmost respect at all times, there is no reason to think of them negatively. A firearm at your house may resolve an extreme and violent situation, such as a burglar in the house, peacefully. The existence of a firearm in your bedroom cabinet will also give you mental peace, and the satisfaction of knowing that you can protect yourself and your family if your need arises. This will definitely help you sleep better at night and give you unparalleled peace of mind.

Here are a few good reasons why you should definitely consider keeping a firearm at your home for protection purposes:

1. Home intruders often carry firearms themselves.

Picture the following situation. Late at night, a crashing sound in the hallway alerts you that there is a malicious intruder in the house. You grab the baseball bat that you conveniently hide behind the hinge of your bedroom door, and tiptoe to the hallway to find a black-clad man ransacking your trophy case. You try your best to sneak up behind him and give him a good, well deserved hit on the head with your bat. But just before you can get there, the man realizes that you are behind him, and he pulls out his gun. What would you do?

Many home intruders carry a gun around these days, even though they don’t know how to use one properly, because it gives them added security if the homeowners catch them. Burglars are well aware that most homeowners are very sparsely armed, and threatening them with a gun should scare most homeowners. If, on the other hand, they are confronted by a homeowner who himself is carrying a gun, they will break down immediately and are likely not to offer any resistance. You can then wait peacefully for the police to arrive and arrest the criminal.

2. Sometimes the police may not be reached for protection:

One trick that burglars are often prone to doing these days is that they would cut the phone wires before they intrude a house. This way, even if their presence is detected, you will not be able to do anything about it, as you will be unable to reach the police on your land line. In the panic of the situation, you may forget to use your cell phone to make this call. Furthermore, your cell phone may be out of charge or out of network or credit (for prepaid operators).

In such a situation, a gun can help immensely. If you are able to keep the burglar at gunpoint, you can easily send other members of your family to summon help, or go to a neighbor’s house to call the police.

3. You will get less burglars in your neighborhood if everyone possesses guns:

Burglars often scout areas for days before they mark their victims. If the burglars become aware that you are a conscious homeowner who has arranged for protection and has a gun, or if you’re entire neighborhood is similarly crime conscious and keeps firearms, potential burglars may keep well away from the hassle of invading your home. Word about keeping firearms in your home spreads quickly, so you can be sure that if you have armed yourself, people will know about it, and the burglars are likely to know too.

4. Guns can help with wild animal attacks:

Wild animal attacks are often thought to be exotic, but that may not necessarily the case. If you live near a forest, you are more than likely to face attacks form wild animals such as raccoons or snakes. Many such animals may carry rabies or other deadly infections. To protect yourself and your family, you might have to shoot them. In such a case, a gun will come in very handy.

Of course, we do not condone the killing of wild animals, and calling the animal control is often the appropriate response. However, if things are out of control, and it is, for example, impossible to rescue everyone without exposing them to a potential harm, a gun may come in handy.

Guns are very useful tools, and they can be used very effectively to protect yourself and your family in case of need. Just remember to treat your weapon with great respect. Always keep it in working condition, and never treat it as a toy.