4 Questions Regarding Security to Ask Your Self Storage Provider

Whether you are using self storage for your personal needs or for your office requirements, you want to have a good storage experience. One of the most important requirements is security. With so many self storage providers around, which is best for you in terms of security features? What are some questions regarding security you should ask your self storage provider?

How are the security features like in this facility?

This is probably the most important question that should always be asked first. You want to know how the security features like in this place are and what technology is present. If you get a response saying that there are only security guards, security isn’t too tight isn’t it? But if you get a reply saying that there are security guards on roving patrol aided by closed circuit television and motion detectors, you will feel much more assured.

How is access into the facility controlled?

Another important question would be asking how the access of personnel being controlled is. If a facility does not bother about who goes in and out, it is hard to identify the culprit when things go missing. Instead, if access is controlled using fingerprint sensors, movement is tracked and it is easy to keep track of personnel.

How often do security guards patrol?

A facility with security guards who do not prowl around is an ideal hunting ground for criminals. When we place valuable items inside the self storage unit, we want to know that it is safe and secured. This confidence is further boosted by upon the knowledge of frequent patrols by experienced security guards who are able to spot details.

Is there a master key to enter the storage unit?

It is important to let clients know whether someone else whether authorised or not is able to access the unit using a master key. This is good if we lose our key but not so if someone with ulterior motive enters the unit. Therefore if this master key exists, clients must be informed about it and anything that goes missing will need to be accounted for by the holder of that key.

Mentioned above are 4 questions that you must ask your self storage provider before deciding to store with them. Most people tend to go for the cheapest option but end up losing more when things go missing and there is no way to trace.