How to Know If a Remodeling Contractor Is Legit

If you are planning to hire a remodeling contractor then it would be best to deal with only the best and most reliable providers you can find. Remodeling contractors are being in demand these days considering the busy lifestyle that most people would not want to stress themselves over a remodeling project.

There are also other people who take advantage of the increase in demand pretending to be a contractor and running off with your money before the job has even been started. Here are some few things you should do to know if the contractor is legit.

Ask for Their License

Legit contractors are those that underwent extensive trainings and were able to pass all the necessary exams require by their state to become a contractor. The state issues a unique license that proves that the provider has completed all the necessary requirements in order to work as a contractor.

Bonding and Insurance

You can make sure that the contractor is legit by asking a proof of their business being bonded and insured. Bonding and insurance decreases the chance that a contractor is a fraud. Remodeling contractors need to pay a certain fee in order to get their business bonded and insured and by having these two, you can be assured that they are serious about doing business and took necessary steps so that you can trust them.


If a single person is claiming that he or she is a part of a company that offers remodeling jobs then it would be best to ask for a reference. Ask for their company’s telephone number, office address or contacts of previous clients. Someone who is a legit remodeling contractor will be able to provide all of the following details without any hesitation and delay.

If you can also ask for a business card the better since most licensed contractors will take an extra mile just to make their calling cards which is easily accessible if a potential client asks for it. You can also ask them if they have their portfolio that contains almost every project they have done.

It pays to be safe especially when it comes to hiring someone who will work in your house. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also ask your local authorities about the person claiming to be a professional remodeling contractor to see if he or she has a criminal record or any complaints filed against him or her.