Granite Tabletops

Don’t Table This Discussion!

Granite is a surprisingly fit material for use as a table top in the home. The variety of color, vein, and pattern, as well as its ability to resist heat, scratches, and stains, makes this a great option for those looking for an attractive and practical solution for not only kitchens, but even indoor and outdoor living spaces! As people increasingly look for quality, durability, and beauty in their furnishings, this natural material has become a staple and a statement of discerning taste. It will certainly contribute a touch of class and sophistication when topping any piece of furniture!

Great for A Variety of Purposes

There are a few simple considerations that can greatly increase your satisfaction with your table. First ask yourself what is it primarily to be used for? Granite is great for areas with potential spills, as it is exceedingly easy to clean with a simple wipe down or any household cleaner. Do you need an upscale desk or workspace for arts and crafts projects? It is a very strong material, which resists scratches and heat, so it can easily be used for these sorts of projects. Do you need something that can survive and remain pristine outdoors? Sunlight affects granite beautifully, as it changes the appearance of the stone throughout the day as it picks up the mineral crystals within. It is resistant to stains from rain or other outdoor hazards due to its low porosity when compared to other stone.

The Right Application for You

Granite can be used either as slabs or as tiles to cover your surface, and the application depends on your intended use as well as your aesthetic concerns. It comes in polished or glossy finish, as well as honed or matte and rough treatments. Keep in mind that the base and legs of your table or desk must be appropriately sturdy to hold the weight of the granite, which is approximately 17 pounds per square foot. The attachment to the base must also be done properly to make it as weatherproof as the stone itself. Thinner varieties with inexpensive wood underlayment exist, but it is less seamless and weaker than the pure stone. However many manufacturers use innovative light-weight designs which can offer incredibly light surfaces that retain the durability of the stone and are surprisingly affordable.

Visit the website or showroom of a granite manufacturer to learn more about the variety of applications for this wonder material. They are eager to serve you with information on the properties, pricing, and styles of available for granite tabletops for your home!