Benefits of Having a Fireplace Screen

The fireplace holds a very focal place in many homes as family will gather here every once in a while to enjoy delightful recollection. This creates a place for fireplace screens because apart from making the fireplace delightful to look at, they also make it safe for all the inhabitants. Families will especially love to congregate around the fireplace to warm them selves and enjoy great moments during special events and memorable occasions. Everyone enjoys an evening next to a snug and comfortable fireplace to enjoy warmth from the hearth. This being the case, there is every reason to make this popular spot in your home as safe as it can be.

One of the best ways to make sure that your fireplace is safe and secure is installing a fireplace screen. We all know that there are always chances that the hearth will without warning spit some sparks or spray some embers all over the place. When there is nothing to keep these embers away, you don’t know when such sparks will land snuggly on your precious carpet or any other piece of furniture. You can imagine how risky that can be because in the worst case scenarios it can actually lead to a house fire. Every hearth needs to be protected using a fireplace screen and this will keep your loved ones and all your furniture safe from fire hazards.

The simple act of placing a fireplace screen is the greatest protection you can afford your house. The screens are made in such a way that they protect any floor coverings in the house such that any flying sparks of fire don’t reach them. If you are not worried about floor coverings and furniture, perhaps you will give second thought when you think about your pet and innocent kids. These are some of the things you must put in mind when you are out shopping for a screen. You only need to ensure that you buy a good quality fireplace screen that will afford members of your entire household protection as they enjoy the warmth of the hearth.

There are different types of fireplace screens available depending on the materials used to manufacture them. You can get them made from materials such as solid brass, stained glass or even wrought iron. When making your choice you need to ensure that what you select will also complement well with the living room. You want to make sure the appearance actually merges well with the surrounding. Also ensure that the style and size are according to your taste making sure to include between 10 and 12 inches margin to the width of the opening of the fireplace. This is because you want to give it sufficient fold and also to ensure that it does not tip over. Also ensure that the screen is about one inch taller then the hearth’s aperture. The best thing about having a fireplace screen is the fact that you will always rest assured that you and your family can enjoy your home’s warmest place without ever fearing for anyone’s fire safety.