Common Measures Against Bed Bugs

When getting a continued supply of human blood, bed bugs can survive for as long as one year. This exceptional species of bugs has learned to live with humans and feed on their blood. But they also survive with the blood of other living beings, like pets and other animals. These parasites measure up to 3/16 of an inch and they are flat, with a brownish red color. At times, they manage to feed without even getting noticed.

As a result of many studies, it is now known that these bugs could be the cause of anemia, insomnia and emotional or psychological troubles. Anybody getting continuously bitten by bed bugs is likely to have disturbed sleep. When getting constantly attacked by such bugs, children would tend to have low blood count. The inability to sleep undisturbed and the ugly sight of swelling as a result of biting can lead to emotional or psychological dilemma.

Bud bugs flourish in bed boards, bed sheets and cracks developed in old furniture, and even in tiny crevices of photo frames. Their presence in hotels and other places of rest for people, like traveling lounges, is a matter of concern for the public health. These little oval-shaped creatures can deliver up to five hundred eggs during their lifetime. There are simple ways for catching these bloodsuckers before they swarm around in your house. A professional pest removing company can eliminate these bugs from your house. If, for any reason, you can’t afford the services of a professional pest removing company, you can locate and kill bugs by being more watchful and taking preventive measures.

  1. Examine your bed sheets and mattresses for these insects in dark brown or red color. Also check the seams.
  2. During daylight, check beneath the mattress, plus other items contained in the room, within a radius of five feet from the bed. Bed bugs are very active at night. It’s only during daylight that you could locate them in these places.
  3. Do not keep your travel bag on or close to your bed as these insects like to stick to your bag and get a free ride to your home. If you keep your traveling luggage close to the bed, they will jump to your bed or its mattress. Look for places away from the bedroom for the storage of such bags. It also helps to frequently examine your luggage and keep it clean and organized, especially at the end of your trip.
  4. Bed sheets must be washed in very hot water.
  5. Be careful while buying used furniture, as it could contain bugs. Inspect it thoroughly at the point of purchase.
  6. If you had guests at home, wash the room and beddings as already directed, after the guests have left.
  7. Develop the habit of living in a clutter free and sanitary atmosphere.

If taking the above measures, bedbugs are left with fewer hiding places, making their existences exposed rather easily.

The normal household bugs can be eliminated by most homeowners, but bed bugs belong to a different category, often needing professional services for their extermination. Professional pest control companies are more knowledgeable and competent in eliminating pests than an average homeowner, and they are better equipped for tackling the issue. It doesn’t take them long to identify the cause of bedbugs infesting your home, and taking efficient measures to free your house of these bloodsuckers.