The Top Signs Your Miami Home Needs a Crawl Space Cleaning

Figuring out whether mold is present in your home is no less than a challenge. Many would agree that mold has little visibility during its initial growth. In most cases, it starts reproducing in the crawl spaces. So, let’s introduce you to The Top Signs Your Miami Home Needs a Crawl Space Cleaning through this blog.

Why Mold Mostly Grows In The Crawl Spaces Of Your Property?

Mold comes under the category of fungus. To your surprise, mold grows initially starts in crawls areas. For further elaboration, understand what ideal condition is required for its reproduction. It is the dampness and humidity.

If you observe your entire house, you will find the areas you visit less frequently and rarely clean. These include the basement areas, attic, heating areas, under the sinks, pipelines, etc. Hence, these are the ideal places for mold to grow. Therefore, cleaning up is a necessary step that you need to take. Let’s see how you can identify it in the crawl spaces.

The Top Signs Your Miami Home Needs a Crawl Space Cleaning

Below are the prominent signs that would convince you to clean crawl areas.

·         High Moisture Level

A recent flood or heavy rainfall might accumulate excessive water in the basement areas. Or sometimes, a leakage starts in the pipe, causing water to stay. The stored water evaporates and creates a high moisture content in the air. Similarly, it encourages mold to spread to different places.

Mold would attack the walls, roofs, and ceilings of the house. You will notice the dark spots in such areas if it becomes visible.

·         An Unfamiliar Odor

You can identify mold presence with its musty odor. The smell is so bad that it makes you feel nauseous and persistent coughing. People breathing it for a long might get immune to the smell.

·         House Structure Damages

The discolored walls, floor, or ceiling make you think of mold presence. You might notice dark spots or patches on it. Similarly, it weakens the structure too. For example, it can cause the beams to bend over or can make the floor saggy. Ignoring those signs is not a professional way to deal with mold.

·         A Rise In The Humidity Level At Your House

The stagnant would eventually result in making the humidity level high. If water stays trapped in the basement or the attic, it becomes a danger to the living. Hence, mold, which requires such conditions to grow, loves the places. Your air conditioning system or heating system doesn’t perform with efficiency. That is because the system fails to maintain a constant indoor temperature in a highly humid environment.


·         Prolong Allergy Symptoms

Old-aged people and little children have a low immune system. If they are getting sick frequently, then it is something you should worry about. Respiratory problems, breathing difficulties, and skin allergies are common symptoms they would get.

Similarly, all these signs would leave you at the root of the problem in the crawl areas. Hence, the best solution is to hire professional services like FixMold Company to solve this problem.


By diagnosing those visible signs, you will understand that the crawl space needs cleanup. You shouldn’t delay this matter or ignore it. Otherwise, it is harder to get rid of mold when it becomes a permanent feature.