Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe Part One

In order to capitalize on what we do have we often resort to shuffling furniture around. Many times we have to part with some of it, although reluctantly. A great space solution can be found in a much easier way. You can do this by designing your reach in wardrobes in such a way that they are customized for your family needs. Even with a new design you are still required to reach in to retrieve the items you want, but this now becomes a pleasure rather than a hassle. With the right planning for your new reach in wardrobe it will be as enjoyable as any walk in closet.

The key to success though is in good planning, which means first giving some thought to all of the things that are wrong with your current storage units. The most common complaints are…

There just never seems to be enough room to be able to organize the space properly.

The layout of the interior doesn’t fit with the types of items being stored.

There is just too much wasted space.

You can’t see what’s in the closet because the full view of the wardrobe interior is obscured.

Now it’s time to focus on the solutions. You may not realize it but the majority of these problems can be solved with the right closet door design. If you take a close look at your current wardrobe doors you will find that they are most likely the standard type that the average home in New Zealand has.

This standard size will prevent you from having the number of shelves in your home storage unit that you may want. In most cases for the common reach in closets it will only allow for a shelf that sits 1800 mm above the floor. By having the choice of shelf space it means that you will be able to organize your storage space much more effectively.

The small opening that standard doors have, means that you can’t make use of all of the available space in the wardrobe. This is because the two ends of the wardrobe interior are too difficult to reach. With the right design of the doors this no longer becomes an issue. In addition to this, you will have a much better view of what is contained there, so no more missing items to have to deal with. Finally, once you have decided on your new wardrobe door design you will be able to focus on the interior of the closet. You can easily determine what you need by way of closet organizers to maximize the space provided.

In part two of our Tips to Designing a Reach in Wardrobe we will be discussing the options you have when re-designing the doors, and some tips on how to make the right decisions according to your needs.