How to Pick the Best Lawn Care Company

Whether you’re an experienced gardener, or just a home-owner wanting to increase your curb appeal, this article will help you to pick the very best lawn service available to you. Now is the most important time for lawn care. If you’re unsure about what type of company to hire, here’s some surefire tips to get you going.

Make sure the company you’re working with offers free service calls. Most herbicides have got a 2 week residual. If a company is treating 4-7 times a year, there will be lots of opportunities for new weeds to come in. Make sure that your lawn service company covers all different types of weeds. Some companies charge extra for weeds like crabgrass and nutgrass. Make sure your company uses granular fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is easy to water down. With granular, you can see exactly what they put down.

Make sure your company is private owned. Publicly owned companies have the burden of producing profit for their shareholders, while privately owned companies can focus on their customers. DONT GET RIPPED OFF! A standard 5,000 square foot yard should run somewhere around $50 for each treatment. A good way to determine the quality of service you’ll get is to call the company on the phone and see how many buttons you have to press to get a real person on the phone. This doesn’t apply to some of the bigger companies as you will never get a real person on the phone.

Make sure your company offers a pre-emergent. Pre-emergent weed control stops grassy weeds from germinating in the spring. Without an effective pre-emergent, you’ll be fighting crabgrass all year long. Make sure they’re treating for turf pests. Army worms, sod web worm, chinch bugs, and any others that will chew up your grass.

Make sure your company offers seeding. Even with the correct fertilizer and an efficient weed control process, seeding will be needed for some yards to look their best. And that’s it! With a little caution, you can have a great lawn service company!

As a side note, you will probably want to go with a local company. Lawns are different from place to place and only a local company can give you the customized results you are looking for. Also, it seems that many of the large corporate companies are unwilling to go the extra mile when a problem does come up.