Choosing A Kitchen Refacing Contractor

Refacing your cabinets and doors is a great option if you want your kitchen to have a brand new look without the hassle of remodelling. Choosing the right contractor to do the refacing is a major decision. As with any other service business, the best way to find a contractor is through word of mouth. If you know someone who has recently had their kitchen refaced, ask them for a recommendation. Or go down to your local hardware store and ask them for referrals. In order to narrow down your choice, follow these guidelines.

Quality and Aesthetic

The first thing you want to consider is how you want your kitchen to look before hiring a refacing contractor. There are endless options, so you are guaranteed to end up with the perfect look. Here are a few common material options available to you: solid wood, plastic, veneer.

Styling options when refacing with wood are endless. Wood options include such woods as poplar, oak, maple, pine, and cherry wood. Ask your contractors to bring samples of the types of wood they offer. Or you can stop by your local hardware store, they will have samples on hand. Keep in mind that wood is the most expensive option for refacing. One way you can further customize is by hiring your own carpenter. Or if you are able to, construct the doors and counter tops yourself.

For a simpler look, plastic laminate is a great choice. Not only can you choose from many difference colors, plastic laminate provides a pleasing modern look.

If you want a solid wood look at a cheaper price, you should consider rigid thermofoils (RTF). RTF veneers are durable and made to look like wood. This material can be molded and painted to resemble the exact wood look you want.

Bids and Cost

Once you’ve figured out exactly how you want your cabinets and doors to look like, ask contractors to submit bids. Even though the cost of refacing cabinets and doors is generally 50 percent lower than the total of replacing, remember that a lower cost often reflects lower quality. Ask each bidder what types of material they use and what quality their fronts and hardware are.

Don`t be hesitant to ask for samples of their materials. Some contractors will substitute cheaper materials like plywood product for solid hardwood to provide a lower bid. But if you are intent on a solid wood material, make sure to specify this in your bid requirements. Solid wood may be more expensive, but it will ensure an attractive premium finish. To ensure each bidder provides the most accurate cost, let them know your exact expectations for everything from color, to hardware.

Options and Guarantees

Because there are so many variables involved in kitchen remodeling, ask your contractor about their warranty policy. Make sure the contractor guarantees the workmanship of their company and employees.

Now you know exactly what to look for when choosing a contractor for your kitchen refacing. No matter which contractor you end up choosing, you’ll love your newly refaced kitchen.