Enjoy The Winter With Gas Inserts

A fireplace serves as a beacon for many homes over the course of the winter season. Families take refuge next to it for warmth and comfort. There are some, though, that don’t use their fireplace because of the inconvenience of preparation and cleaning in addition to the cost for refurbishing a fireplace in an older home. But there are options to overcome those challenges.

Gas inserts for fireplaces provide an efficient and functional option that nearly all homeowners can incorporate into their everyday lives in the wintertime. A gas insert essentially transforms a traditional fireplace into a gas stove, supplying a strong source of heat for your living areas.

One of the most attractive aspects of a gas fireplace insert is the ease in which it can be placed into your home; any classic fireplace and chimney set-up will allow enough room for a gas insert. It consists of a gas log set fitted into a firebox equipped with a shell that delivers heated air into a room. Most units also come with fans to assist in heat movement and can be fitted with a remote control option for an automatic start. Once your insert is installed, it will appear as if it has always been a part of your home.

Gas inserts are an efficient way to reduce energy costs as well. While conventional fireplaces release a majority of heat up through the chimney, gas inserts can be used to distribute heat throughout a room. They may also be used as a zone heater in your home, which can decrease your need for traditional heating and save you money.

Depending on the type of insert you select, your fireplace can protect the quality of air that is in your home. Although it will push an abundance of heat outwards, a gas insert will also ensure that all of the fire’s combustion exits your home through the chimney. This provides a healthier option to traditional fireplaces for your friends and family.

Similarly, with a gas insert, you no longer have to worry about cleaning up the mess of soot and leftover wood in your fireplace. It turns on and off as easily as your television, with minimal effort but maximum relaxation.

The harsh elements of winter cause many people to stay indoors. Enjoy your time indoors this winter with the warmth and convenience of a gas fireplace insert.