Hardwood Floors: Benefits

As we try to look for materials that can be used in the house floors, we can find a lot of them in the market today. One might probably consider laminate, hardwood and carpets. These are the most common materials that are often installed in many house floors. If we try to consider the percentage of the three materials, many homeowners today like hardwood for several reasons. It is a better choice when it comes to quality, price and other factors. We will discuss them in this article. Below are the benefits of hardwood floors.

1. The material is easy to clean. Unlike carpets, they are extremely easy to clean. Vacuum cleaners or scrubbers are not necessary in cleaning hardwood floors. An easy sweeping is acceptable. The family is sure to have a long-lasting shine on their floors. For those who have pets at home, they find wood floors to be exceedingly easy to mop. Although they are prone to scratch, one can easily re-finish them.

2. Woods are hypoallergenic. A carpet is prone to mildew, molds and dust mites. These microorganisms can cause allergic reactions to family members that have sensitive skin and respiratory organs. Floors made from wood can be hypoallergenic this means it does not give out mold, pollen and other microbes. To steam clean a carpet is not a 100% assurance that all of the microbes can be removed. In reality, if they are wet, the microorganism can easily multiply.

3. It increases the value of the house. Wood floors regardless how many years they are will look shiny as they look on their first year. If we compare them to carpets after a few years, the carpet will look old. In this regard, we can sell it a higher value because of the wood flooring.

4. Hardwood floors will last for many years. The longevity of the floor is not an issue when the homeowner decides to install them on their floors. There are so many materials in the market today that can be used in the house floors, there are carpets and engineered tiles, but only hardwood lasts for more years.

5. It reflects warm and cozy feeling for the homeowner. Many people prefer to walk on wood instead on plastic laminates.

Homeowners who can afford to install them in their homes end up being happy and satisfied. These are few of the benefits that the homeowner can get when they try to choose wood floors instead of laminate or carpet. Aside from health and safety value, hardwood floors are also beneficial to those who are incapable of walking and stay on their wheel chairs.