Learn Various Advantages And Drawbacks Of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Flooring material selection is not as easy as some people perceive. While the appeal and value of wooden floors is difficult to match, you do have numerous worthy choices nowadays. If you want the floors to look elegant but do not want to spend much time in maintenance, ceramic tile is what you need. However, it is necessary to know potential advantages and limitations of using ceramic tiles for flooring in both house and workplace.

Advantages you can obtain by using ceramic tile for flooring

Good Durability

As a homeowner, you will definitely want the floors to be durable. Ceramic tiles will not disappoint you in this regard. These tiles are hard and do not crack or develop spots easily. Even if a single piece gets cracked, you can get it replaced without incurring much cost.

Humidity and water resistance

These tiles do not get affected by water, moisture and humidity. Glazed variants are also somewhat resistant to stains. So, it does not matter if you live in a humid area. Floors covered by these will not get affected by moisture. That is why people often install these blocks on walls in bathrooms and kitchen where moisture level is likely to be higher than other rooms.

Low Maintenance

These floors do not require heavy maintenance. The stains, dirt and dust accumulating on the surface can be cleaned easily with damp mop, water and brush. It is not much costly either.

Variety Of Design

You can pick from a vast range of designs nowadays. You can choose colors, patterns that suit your aesthetic needs. If necessary, you can use solid colored tiles in contrasting combinations. Nowadays, you can get these cut into triangles and planks to match your floor dimension accurately.

Health Concerns Resolved

Unlike some other types of flooring materials, these tiles do not attract germs, bacteria or mold. Even if dust and dirt accumulates on surface, they can easily be wiped away with broom or you can also use vacuum cleaner. This is ideal for people who suffer from respiratory problems.

Limitations of Ceramic tiles you should keep in mind

These tiles do not make wallets bleed and offer a number of benefits. However, they also have certain limitations that you need to be aware of.

Hard Surface

Durable as they are by nature, stones and tiles are very hard. This makes it uncomfortable to stand on them for long time. You may need to use soft rugs or carpets on them. Otherwise, glass and delicate objects may break instantly when they fall on tiled floors. These tiles can also become uncomfortably cold during the winter months.

Grout Problems

Glazed variants remain almost impervious to water and humidity. However, unglazed types need to be sealed properly at joints to prevent water seeping underneath. The grout lines between the blocks may become susceptible to moisture after prolonged usage. If this is not sealed properly water seeping and mold formation can take place in long run.