Top 2 Methods of Generating Electricity at Home

The different methods of generating electricity at home have become an increasingly popular topic. There are many reasons for this. Constantly rising utility bills are prominent in the minds of consumers at the moment. The news has many stories about future sustainability of power supplies and this is becoming a major concern for people. Also, climate change and environmental problems associated with power generation are issues no country can ignore.

Therefore a number of options are now offered to homeowners who want to be proactive in addressing these problems. When considering which method to invest in, it is essential that the position of the home is considered. Solar panels need a lot of sunlight so it is not worth installing them in a place which does not have much.

In solar electricity generation, panels are installed which contain photovoltaic cells. These cells react to sunlight and the resulting heat is turned into electricity. The popularity of solar panels has increased recently due to an easy installation process and falling equipment prices. Location is also vital with wind turbines. They convert the kinetic energy from the turning blades to mechanic energy. It is necessary to install them in a place with a lot of wind, and if that wind changes direction to have the turbine able to rotate. With magnetic energy, the location is not as significant. This method uses a magnetic generator and so requires space for the generator and a power connection, but no other outside factors affect the function.

Currently, many governments have incentive schemes to encourage people to make the investment in home electricity generation. The two most widespread programs are grants and feed in tariffs. Grants are usually in the form of a contribution to the cost of the equipment. Feed in tariffs are legislation which compels energy companies to buy excess electric from home owners at a fixed price. This means that it is possible to make money from the equipment if it is able to generate more than the home uses.

For the DIY enthusiast, it is possible to buy the materials and build the equipment yourself. This is usually a lot cheaper than having a company provide the equipment and fit it. However, not everyone wants to or is capable of the DIY option and so it is also feasible to buy a manufactured system and fit it yourself.

Technologies of all kinds change rapidly and home electricity generation is no exception. It is also a politically sensitive topic due to climate change which means the financial incentives also change regularly. Therefore, it is best to research carefully before investing.