What You Need to Know About Glass Basins

Glass basins are exceptionally popular and can be found in homes throughout the world. You may be wondering why glass? What makes it so special? Chances are you are even concerned regarding maintenance, strength and breakage.

Glass basins are surprisingly strong and very durable. They have been manufactured to be able to withstand a beating. Your basin has to be strong. You will drop things into it, you will use it daily and you will want to run hot water into it. The glass basins have been carefully manufactured with attention to detail, which ensures that they can withstand high temperatures and a knock here and there without cracking or breaking.

A great thing about these sinks is that they are accident resistant. Don’t be fooled though, they can crack and get damaged, the same as any other sink. They are as strong, if not stronger than the traditional porcelain sink, but you still need to ensure that you don’t expose it to too much of a beating, if you want the sink to remain in your bathroom and enhance the space moving forward.

Ensure when working with a glass basin that you hire a professional to handle the installation for you. As with any other sink, these can crack and get damaged during the installation process. Having a professional carry out the installation, reduces the risk of damage, but they also offer a guarantee, so in the event the installer causes damage to the sink, you know that they will be responsible for the replacement.

The great news is that the glass basins are very easy to clean and care for. Most manufacturers will provide you with some important steps you need to take to ensure your glass basin remains in good condition at all times. In order to clean the basin, you do what you would do if you had a traditional porcelain sink. You can clean it with ease using a very mild detergent.

A good tip, which is worth noting, if you do decide to go with a glass basin is to wash the sink, allow it to dry and then use a mixture of vinegar and water. Vinegar helps to remove soap stains, which is the only disadvantage of you will find with these particular sinks. With a porcelain sink, you will find that your soap marks are hidden, but the same as a shower door, a glass basin will be prone to soap marks, which you will want to remove daily by simply wiping the sink down with vinegar and water to leave it sparkling clean and looking as good as new.

Ensure you purchase your glass basin from a top supplier who only stocks items sourced from leading suppliers. You want to buy the best quality products at prices you can afford. Focus on each individual supplier, identify the basins they have in stock and the brands. You can then review and compare each company to ensure you choose the one you feel most confident will provide you with the best products and services.

Go through the suppliers website with a fine tooth comb, but you are also going to want to focus on independent review sites and online forums, where you can get honest feedback from past and current customers.

Identify the company’s delivery policy and returns policy. Glass basins can break during transport and you need to check the item thoroughly when it arrives to ensure the packaging is not damaged in any way. Open the item up and check it top to bottom and in the event you notice any problems, contact the supplier and arrange to replacement as soon as possible.