Should I Choose a Framed or Frameless Shower Door?

Wall hung toilets are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to create contemporary style bathrooms in their homes or even on their business premises. Compared with their more conventional counterparts, wall hung toilets certainly offer a number of practical benefits. So are these advantages, and how can they affect everyday life in your home?

Wall hung toilets are perhaps most famous for the unique look they have. With a concealed cistern in the wall and a toilet bowl seemingly ‘suspended’ above the ground, they certainly strike a major contrast with the traditional floor-mounted toilet that many of us are used to. It is this unique design that brings some major pros to any bathroom in any home.

Indeed, the suspended design lends itself very well to the easy cleaning of the bathroom or WC where the toilet is placed. It is simple to clean under and around the wall hung toilet and all areas are easily accessible for someone wielding a mop or a cloth. This allows for more efficient cleaning and guaranteed levels of hygiene which would otherwise be trickier to maintain.

In addition to the suspended design, many wall hung toilets have sides which are very easy to wipe clean, with no difficulty in accessing any nooks and crannies that are typically hard to reach with cleaning products. These two factors combined make for a more efficient cleaning process and improved hygiene standards.

The design of the toilet also lends itself to a superior use of space. As the toilet is not very bulky, it makes for a great space-saver and can be place closer to furniture, shower enclosures or a sink, depending on the desires of the bathroom designer.

This also means that the wall hung toilet can be a great option for small and narrow spaces, allowing for the placing of a toilet in an otherwise awkward area. This can make wall hung toilets ideal for that downstairs water closet or in a small bathroom where many items of bathroom furniture need to be placed in a practical fashion.

The fact that the wall hung toilet is not cluttering up space and that it is easily slotted in next to other bathroom fittings also creates the illusion of a more spacious area. This can be a great solution yet again for the pokey bathroom or WC where homeowners desire to create the illusion of light and space in a small area.

Another significant advantage of the wall hung toilet is the fact that it can be hung at any height required. Whereas floor-mounted toilets are generally only available in one height – that which the very strict design permits – there is much more room for flexibility with a wall-mounted toilet.

This can bring benefits fro those with certain physical concerns, or those who simply have a desired height for comfort or design reasons. In all cases, there is a higher level of customisation available in the bathroom or WC with the wall mounted toilet.

The final factor that makes wall hung toilets a particularly advantageous element in a bathroom is the ‘wow’ factor that they have. Although increasingly popular, the wall hung toilet is not yet commonplace, and can add a really unique touch to any bathroom whether in a home or a public establishment.

The wall hung toilet has a clean and modern design that adds a touch of class and luxury to a bathroom, making it perfect for homeowners wishing to achieve this effect. The design also matches well with other contemporary features in the home and is complemented by other modern fittings such as frameless shower enclosures.

In conclusion, the wall hung toilet can provide numerous benefits that set it apart from its floor-mounted equivalent. These include the ability to customize the height of the toilet, the space it creates, the easy-to-clean aspect and a truly attractive design that adds a touch of luxury to any modern bathroom.