How to Clean Your Mattress

Today, numerous mattress cleaning products are available in the market. But a wise decision of choosing the right one among them depends on how much you read and understand from the back of the product containers. You should choose a product that you are comfortable with, whether its organic or non-organic. Before starting with shop purchased products; let’s check out a cool and simple technique of treating stains on your mattress. Apply some lime juice onto the stained part of your mattress. Leave the lime juice to work on the stain for some time. After 10 minutes sponge some cold water onto the stain. Keep sponging and you will see the stain disappearing. By this method you can smell freshness on your mattress apart from cleaning them.

And now speaking about market purchased cleaning products, normal detergents are one of the most commonly used methods as they mix well into a solution that will allow you to deep clean your mattress. Thus this method counts to the cheapest and often the most effective method. Once you have chosen the right cleaning solution,you should clean your mattress with a vacuum cleaner with the right kind of attachment. As soon as you are done with your vacuuming, it is time to steam clean your mattress. While steam cleaning your mattress, take extra care so that you do not make the mattress too wet.

Pet stains are another major threat concerning your mattress. Pet stains can feed lots of bacteria and fungus on your mattress. It is always better to treat a pet stain as soon as possible from the time it happens. Next time if you find a wet stain use a cloth or some paper towels to remove as much moisture as you can. Once you are done with enough drying, scrub the stain with a detergent and mild hot water solution.This can solve the issue of stain. Now apply some lime juice over it to give some fresh aroma and to remove any remaining part of the stain. Drying your mattress in sunlight can prevent the growth of any disease spreading bacteria and fungi.