To Bidet Or Not To Bidet

Bidets are big in places like Europe and Asia but for many of us in North America they are seen as a luxury or something that we just don’t need in an ordinary bathroom. Or do we?

A bidet is a piece of equipment that you use to wash yourself after visiting the toilet. If you think about it, it is something that would be very useful and they do have a variety of benefits too. We have been taught that toilet paper is the way to go. Heck, there are even a few brands of moist toilet paper fashioned after baby wipes that get you even cleaner than regular toilet paper alone, but do we need toilet paper at all? Not with a bidet you don’t.

We wash all of the other parts of our body on a daily basis, so why don’t we wash ‘there’ each time we ‘go’ too? It is better for personal hygiene as it offers a more complete wash and a more thorough clean, eliminating bacteria along the way. It also means you won’t have to buy toilet paper anymore, so you’re saving money and the environment all at the same time. No paper means that toilet backups and clogs are going to decrease as well– you can give the plunger a break! And it is also a great thing to get kids used to at an early age so they can always maintain a higher level of clean than they can get the traditional way.

It used to be that a bidet was a separate piece of equipment and a lot of bathrooms just aren’t big enough to have more plumbing and more floor space taken up, but of course, technology has advanced and now you can get a toilet and bidet in one. This is great for those who have mobility issues, those who are pregnant and the younger ones in the family as it’s a one stop shop. No more would you have to get up from one appliance to then get back down on another.

The best thing about the bidets of today is the temperature and flow controls and also the drying features that some have included. Now your toilet can be complete in two steps all while sitting in the same position, allowing you a clean like no other and all without the traditional things like toilet paper getting in the way.