A Lovely Idea for More Space in Your Bathroom

A common complaint in many bathrooms is the lack of space for your items. You don’t want them cluttered all over the counter. Finding a place for them that is out of the way isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, there can be a great deal of unused free space in there that you didn’t think about. One of the options for a lovely upgrade is the use of bathroom mirror cabinets.

This is a practical solution because most households typically have a mirror in the bathroom anyway. Replacing what you have in there now with one that has deep cabinets inside of it means you allocate space you weren’t before. You can slide the glass on some of them or open up the doors like a cabinet on others. It depends on the style you would like the most.

Both options provide you with space to add items in there. Yet it is all well hidden when you or anyone else goes into the bathroom. The use of bathroom mirror cabinets allows you to keep items at your fingertips while getting organised. It is also a great way to keep items higher up so little hands in the home can’t reach them.


Take a good look at the wall where you will put it at. How much space do you have to work with? You may be able to get bathroom mirror cabinets larger than the mirror you have in the bathroom right now and it will still look uniform. Getting one that is taller and wider means you have more storage space. There are designs for all types of bathroom layouts to choose from.


Take a look at the depth of the bathroom mirror cabinets and how many shelves they have in there. Some of them offer adjustable shelves, and this allows you to customise the set up for the items you plan to put in there. If they aren’t adjustable, verify they are going to work for your items. A deeper option means you can put more items in there than you thought possible.


Go the distance with the bathroom mirror cabinets to find one that works well for your sense of style and the décor in there. Some of them are very basic and others are quite elegant. Some of them have lights around the outside, and that can help if you feel your bathroom has poor lighting. Some of them have a wood frame around them and others are colourful.

Have fun selecting what you will put in there, and how it is going to look. Even though the underlying purpose is to add more storage, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the beauty it will offer either.

Proper Installation

It is very important to properly install any bathroom mirror cabinets. Make sure you understand how to secure them into the type of wall materials you have. This can make a difference so they are sturdy without any risk of moving or falling off the wall. You also want to get them installed level so your items aren’t sliding around.

If you are nervous about this part of the process, don’t be. There are plenty of tutorials and tips online that can assist you with the installation process. It can typically be done with basic items from your hardware store and tools you already have around the house. It can be useful to have a second pair of hands to assist you with the project. You can also hire a contractor for the install.